After years of reviewing online casinos and gambling of all kinds, I can say that I have seen many different kinds of problems used by developers and site operators to stand out from the crowd. RedStar Poker has responded with open arms and definitely listened to every argument with open ears, and I am very impressed.

Once the start screen is loaded, more experienced players will notice some minor issues, such as the lack of a menu bar on the right side of the screen. I will deal with other minor points later, but let us stick to the task for the time being. One thing is for sure, and I’m a big fan of RedStar Poker’s online poker experience.

This may sound like bad marketing, but I think that offers and promotions of this kind are very welcome. Do not let yourself be led by the attempt to get me to sign up with the promise of fulfilling my first bet on something. While most people are happy to simply point out the free money when they join, that is not the case here. I will insert the image with the central slider, and I will come back to that later.

The slider shows you what you can get with a few clicks, and I actually prefer the lottery bit, but this is a slider that can be changed manually. There is also the fact that there is actually more going on under the proverbial hood than just poker, although some would complain that the website just does poker and does it well.

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